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Imam Muda ( Program Translation )


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At this moment now, I'd really like to give a very big round of applause to Astro Oasis for its greatly promoted Imam Muda program around the globe. The creative approach in Imam Muda have opened the eyes of the world. I'm a proud Muslim-Malaysian-Malay & Of course! A proud Astro subscriber too! hehe...

And I am even proud with a good friend being one of the contestant, Brother Adib. I may sound a bit bias but super sorry that I couldn't help to really hope that he wins it! :D

For fellow readers, who have not been able to watch it, here I share the video links for you. Hopefully I will be able to spare some free time translating for our fellow non-malay speaking muslim brothers and sisters.(My english may not be perfect, but insyaAllah, I'll try to make it understandable enough. But please do correct my mistakes if you can as I am simply doing this for my passion to share knowledges but I never attended proper Islamic education and my weak command in english. I'm trying my best).

Episode 1 Part 1 :!v=2U0WEDQ8Dng&feature=related

Hj. Aznil Hj. Nawawi (Presenter)

Assalamualaikum, for the first time in our broadcast history, we present you Imam Muda. The first reality TV series in the world in the search of ONE MAN with high principal, integrity and credibility to become our versatile Imam Muda, one who will be the most relevant to the community. You will be the witness to this one search in this life journey. Imam Muda series, starts now…
(montage roll + nasyeed)

Hj Dzul Karnain Hamzah (Host)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t, you are with me, Hj Dzulkarnain Hamzah in Imam Muda. The first production in the world to search of a community ideal leader, Imam Muda. Uswatun Hasanah (beautiful pattern of conduct or for more explanation (Malay/Indonesian) or ) a good example that is one criteria in which every Imam should have. Imam is a person whom is followed not just to perform solah but also to be an example to the people. So, they must have an Imam criteria with fiqh, tauheed, secular and ukhrawi knowledge.

Therefore, throughout the one-month audition we have conducted in the search of a young Imam with specific qualities, now we present you 10 final nominees for The Imam Muda.

1.     Abe Shara, 25 from Sarawak (University Graduate)
2.     Adib, 21 from Kelantan (Businessman)
3.     Aran, 26 from Negeri Sembilan (Bank Officer)
4.     Asyraf, 26 from Penang (Imam)
5.     Azhar, 20 from Kedah (University Student)
6.     Hizbur, 27 from Kedah (Tahfeez Teacher)
7.     Miril, 25 from Kuala Lumpur (Islamic Knowledge Teacher)
8.     Nuri, 24 from Pahang (Breeder)
9.     Syakeer, 18 from Kelantan (Student)
10. Taufek, 27 from Johor (Motivational Speaker)

Death, is the first assignment theme for all of the 10 Imam Muda this episode. Death, is very near to each and every one of us. Allah swt mentioned in Holy Quran…

Host recites ayat about death (sorry, I don’t know which one but it’s about ajal. Please do let me know if you can share that with us. Thanks)

…cont’d…its our responsibility towards the community to what we call Fardhu Kifayah. It is compulsory for us to bathe and clean, shroud, pray, and to bury the jenazah i.e. dead body. And this task is now given to this 10 young imam. Challenges accepted! Are these Imam Muda nominees prepared to complete this assignment? Mursyeed and Mudeer will teach theory and practical lesson. They too will be giving marks on the theoretical (50%) and practical (50%) test to the young imams later on. It is not a simple task being handed in your shoulder. A great imam will be tarbiyat by great imams too. Mudeer, Ustaz Hj Hassan Mahmud Al-Hafiz and mursyeeds, Ustaz Said and Ustaz Shahrizan who will be guiding and giving marks to all the 10 at the end of the program.

Now, lets watch the first assignment during the first week of this program.

(Title : Managing uncollected jenazah (body) )

I was asked to pass my review and guides on how to manage high-risk cases. Because, as a person in-charge especially the young imams, we think it is good to expose them to the real situation. The reason why, is because we never know what type of diseases the body may contain. So we will be giving safety instructions so they won’t collect any contagious diseases. And I would also convey my appreciation in relation to this program.

Nuri : I have experience a normal process where I was asked to perform this on a normal body of a relative. But it was just a normal healthy body…

Episode 1 Part 2 :!v=nA69J8f6wyY&feature=related


...we can't say anything out, so we can only say it in our heart "Ya Allah, like it or not, we still have to do it."

Abe Syara  said "All my life, I've never did anything like this. I felt really excited to do this activity. I think I am all prepared to face any situation. What I have learnt, I will bring it outside this program later on and contribute to the community especially to those in my hometown."

(Title : Janazah Al-Kafan)

The management of this al-kafan must be done according to the islamic knowledge. We've been told that where there's janazah, there's ghost. And that created eerie feelings. With that feelings, we become less keen on doing it but this thing is a responsibilities towards our religion. When it is a religious activity meaning, this is a compulsion to every muslims. The test in this is actually the test of obeying the word of God. Why would we be afraid if we are doing what the religion have asked for?"

"If we were to clean long nails, even til the bottom of the nails, it is compulsory for us to clean it so we will have to cut making it a triangle like that."

Syakir : "At the national service program i attended before, we learnt to manage death bodies where my best friend was the model. When we are learning, we will take it serious and absorb each lesson presented."

Adib : "Sometimes I feel afraid while doing such activity because it reminds me to my past mistakes and my mind will start thinking how would I look when my life ended....My mom, I wasn't there because I was studying abroad. I hardly see her because I only return to Malaysia once a year and I had been away for about three years. And whenever I return, she's admitted in the hospital and after some time, I was informed that she had left the world forever. It was close to my exam and I was very sad."

Host : We have watched how these students have learnt new knowledge specifically in this subject area. We can also see various expressions on their faces. And all these 10 students will be facing more challenging task after this. We'll be right back!

Voice Over : Imam Muda will return with this VT.

Hizbur : InsyaAllah, i have come with a little spirit from my family, knowledge and self-confidence.

Syakir : Allah Taala had given me this opportunity to be here to gain knowledge and experience from the best. So I hope, I am not here to desparately win this competition. I have some little feelings to win but it is not the main objective because my focus is to gain experience and knowledge.

Taufek : Before this, I have never left my mother without any communication like phonecalls, texting. Not being able to communicate with my mother is actually unacceptable but I tried because I feel this is what Allah swt have designed for me and I have to face it.

Asyraf : Missing my wife, that's for sure. But I hope, my wife will be able to accept my absence as long as I am here.

Miril : I hope throughout the program, I will be healthy and won't get sick etc, so that I can study hard on  what ever lesson in this course.

(Montage Roll)

Host : We meet again in Imam Muda one finding in a life journey. The great Imam Muda series. 10 outstanding Imam Muda where they will go through processes and tests. I'd like to ask one of them, and that will be Aran.

Aran, you used to learn Qiraat before this and I was informed that you studied in Syubroh. And suddenly you are here to answer about janazah management. How did you face the situation?

Aran : In this Imam Muda program, I have learnt how to manage janazah by theory and practical. In Imam Muda class, I learnt to clean, shower, al-kafan, and pray for the janazah.

Host : So you have made full use of the opportunity provided by this program?

Aran : Yes.

Host : Okay. I'd like to move on to Nuri. I was told that Nuri is a Qari. It means you studied Tarannum. So that's a complete table turn. So what do you say?

Nuri : To me, as a Qari, a Hafeez, and even as a breeder or what ever business I am into, every Imam must know all area of knowledge including janazah management.

Host : So that's the challenge in Imam Muda. They managed to bring a new spirit in themselves and these are what youngsters should take example on. So ladies and gentlemen, through this VT you'll see how all of them had their tests. Let's watch this together.

Miril : So far InsyaAllah, I am prepared to sit for the exam. I hope I'll be able to answer better.

Taufek : I'm nervous. My hands are cold now. Maybe because I'm thinking too much on what will be questioned. I'm a little scared.

Syakir : Now I'm preparing myself to read this book of janazah and I'm trying to understand the sequence and what to do about it.

(Title : Weekly test)

VO : They are given 1 hour and 15 minutes to answer 50 subjective questions. And you can see the stress is arising among them.

Adib : I left some about syaheed. I didn't realize that the question will be broader. I thought it will be all about the physical exercise. But most importantly, I didn't leave anything empty. I tried answering all the questions.

Azhar : I had confusions in few questions and I answered it afterwards. Alhamdulillah, I managed to answer all the questions.

Asyraf : If you rely all on the book given by ustaz, that's not enough. You must have additional reading material because during the practical, it wasn't enough too. Hizbur, I don't know. Maybe he gave a peek but I don't know. (Laughs)

Hizbur : Naahh, I didn't have a peek. Marks, I think I could good marks (jokingly). (Laughs).

Effort checked! Du'a checked! Tawakal now.

VO : This week. All of them are grouped into two where they have to observe and study how their mursyeed gave Friday Khutbah. This session is to give them exposures on how to conduct the Khutbah and Tazkirah and most importantly the meaning and messages are delivered accordingly.

It looks easy but without preparations, it will not be good. So this is the Imam we are searching for.

To deliver a tazkirah, khutbah and to take lead as an Imam on Friday is compulsory to all these students on weekly basis with no exemption. So they must be prepared and marks will be given later on. InsyaAllah. To me, I have confidence they will be able to complete this task InsyaAllah because they all have basics and knowledge. Only on how to strengthen the skills through real experience. InsyaAllah I am confident with their full preparation, they will be able to do it. InsyaAllah.

VO : 5 Imam Muda Questions as seen on the screen.

After this on Imam Muda. (Break)

Episode 1 Part 3 :!v=g-K0o2mmesI&feature=related

Host : We meet again in Imam Muda. As part of life cycle, everyone will face death. Don't know when. Is it tomorrow, the next day, or the day after next, we'll die? old people dies? children dies? The question is, are we prepared to face death. As living human beings it is fardhu 'ain for us to manage any janazah. Uncollected janazah in collaboration with Islamic Department of The Federal Territory with our 10 Imam Muda performing the steps to manage janazah in a scary and eerie environment.

VO : Early in the morning, 10 Imam Muda was brought to Karak Highway Islamic Cemetery, Kuala Lumpur (Batu Muda Village, Kuala Lumpur). The place were grey and silent.

Episode 1 Part 4 :!v=a9awOLEBRoA&feature=related

and you'll be able to see the rest of the videos all on youtube.

Peaches, I will try to get the other two part translations done and will make all the language correction as soon as I can but can't promise you when. I will be having tests and exams soon but I have tried my best to update this as fast as I could as I see growing numbers reading this page in my blog. With your visits, I felt responsible doing it so I don't end up disappointing my peaches. Will see you soon with more of this topic aite!

Til the next update!

Much Love & Nashledanou!


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